X is for X-Men

The infamous letter ‘X’. So we meet at last. Thank goodness I don’t have to use this letter often…I could’ve written about ‘Xylophones’, but I don’t play. I could’ve used it in another work like ‘eXcellent’ or ‘eXcel’…but really I like X-men a lot so it works out…for this year. To view other blogs writing eXcellent posts using the letter ‘X’, visit here.

The Good: I love the newer X-men movie a LOT. They are so freakin’ good. Like, “geek out but quietly so the kids don’t wake up” sort of movies. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

These guys are awesome.

These guys are awesome.

Unfortunately, there is no trailer yet since the movie comes out next year (SOB), but here is a link to an article entitled “X-Men: Apocalypse, What we know so far“. Sigh. All I know is that I am excited for the cast and a continuation of the story. I haven’t read many of the comics, although I would like to!

The Bad: I used to watch the old cartoon back in the day and I am not sure if I could watch them again. Every single time I try to revisit something I loved in my childhood, it destroys the magic that surrounded said show, movie, or place. Maybe, once my kids are older I can go back and see the magic again through their eyes. I will say, I am a little sad that Gambit hasn’t been in the movies yet. He was my favorite character as a kid.

The Katy: X-men has always been a part of me. I remember wanting to have super powers as a kid and watching X-men is an awesome way to visit what having powers would be like. There are great things done with the characters’ powers, but also consequences.

Side note: I freakin’ love Quicksilver in Days of Future Past. So funny.  evan-peters-quicksilver-x-men-days-of-future-past

U is for Unicorns

We are getting to the difficult letters now! I decided to feature Unicorns for the letter ‘U’ or more specifically the show “My Little Pony.”  To see how other bloggers tackle this letter, visit the Blogging from A to Z Challenge website.Rarity-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-20570179-570-402

The Good: Luke and I were introduced to this show on Netflix. There are only so many not annoying kids shows and movies on Netflix and we needed something fresh. We had heard good things about My Little Pony (first from a bartender at Applebee’s actually!) and decided to check it out. Ok….catchy songs…great animation…storylines I don’t hate…this show is actually really entertaining! Then we found the Brony documentaries on Netflix. They are ridiculous. And awesome. There are entire groups of adults that love this show.

The Bad: I feel bad liking a kids show so much. But I shouldn’t feel bad. Why is there so much stigma for adults liking cartoons? I love Adventure Time too and I don’t feel weird about that. Maybe I just need to OWN it, you know? Watch the documentaries mentioned above. They cover the stigma surrounding Bronies and such. Adults watching the show are not creepy child stalkers! Some, like me, discovered the show because they wanted something not crappy to watch with their kids. Others just wanted a good show to watch that had a positive vibe to it. My boys love it and it portrays great virtues for them to learn. Nothing wrong with that.

my_little_pony_vector___happy_twilight_sparkle_by_krusiu42-d5u8g1xThe Katy: While Luke and I don’t consider ourselves Bronies, we think it’s awesome that people can come together and hang out because of a kid’s show. When my kids are watching, I know I will be singing along to the songs. Plus, the main character (Twilight Sparkle) loves reading. I can relate to that! 

T is for Tristan

Tristan, almost four years old, is my first born son. I wanted to feature him for the letter ‘T’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The Good: Tristan is amazing. I can’t believe he’s almost four already! His joy radiates off his face at all times, which is infectious. Tristan attends school near our old apartment for the remainder of the year, which is a bit of a drive, but we felt it was important to finish out the year at the same school he started with at the beginning. It feels like Tristan should still be a baby, but now he is tracing letters and helping with chores. When did this happen? Where was I?!

The Bad: Ok, this isn’t really bad. It is a challenge, but it definitely isn’t bad. Tristan was diagnosed with autism in July of last year (a week after his birthday). He is very high-functioning, learning a lot in special Pre-K, and is signed up for Kindergarten next year. I still don’t know everything about autism, but we are pretty much a “figure-it-out-as-we-go” sort of family and it seems to working for us so far. Tristan does make eye contact and interact with others, but doesn’t say many words (getting more and more words each day though). He also isn’t potty trained yet, which people say will happen when he’s ready. He seems pretty dang content in diapers at the moment. SIGH

The Katy: We named Tristan after the main character of the same name in the movie “Stardust.” Luke proposed after the credits, which was a perfect moment in time. It was only fitting to name our first son Tristan (yes, I know it’s actually Tristram in the book, but we liked this version of the name better).
I am starting to think about Tristan’s birthday party theme. Last year, it was a popsicle theme, which turned out AWESOME. He likes a lot of things and I know he will have fun no matter what theme I choose. Party planning is my (not-so-secret) joy. Love you, Tristan.

S is for Star Wars

As a proper Star Wars geek, I knew I needed to cover the amazing space epic fandom for the letter ‘S’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The Good: What ISN’T good about Star Wars? Not only did the original trilogy create much of the technological advances needed to make special effects in movies, but the storyline and world are so imaginative…so awesome. But, you probably know this. You also probably know that a new movie is coming out this December. At first I was a little wary of a new Star Wars film, but I am quickly warming up to the idea. Especially after seeing the new trailer. OMG. I’m ready.

The Bad: It surprises me less and less each time, but I still run into people (almost weekly) who haven’t seen Star Wars.  I used to get mildly offended, but now I just change the subject. I am sure these sad sad individuals get harassed on a daily basis about their lack of culture and I don’t want to add to their embarrassment. Still…so sad.


The Katy: A little bit about my love for Star Wars. It all started in 1st grade when I had a crush on a boy who loved Star Wars. In my first grade brain: “OH, if I like what he likes, he’ll like me!!!” That relationship never happened, but my love for Star Wars never died. And then I met my husband in college…his name is LUKE WALKER. It was meant to be, people!

My favorite character is Boba Fett. He is a bad ass bounty hunter who doesn’t need words to intimidate people. Mmmhmm. I have one Boba Fett tattoo already and am planning on another one soon. He is a great character. Sort of a Clint Eastwood type….in space.

bobaI could go on and on about Star Wars, but I won’t. I will say that I am SUPER excited for Christmastime.

R is for Republic (Wireless)

How am I doing? Good? Bad? A little weird? We are to the letter ‘R’ today! This month is flying by and I am realizing more and more how much I love writing. I have loved your comments and just writing about whatever comes into my mind…and finding other people love those things too! So awesome. Today, I wanted to cover Republic Wireless for the letter ‘R’. It’s actually perfect timing because Luke and I just got our phones in the mail yesterday. I want to clarify that we are not affiliated with Republic Wireless or Motorola. Luke and I are not being paid to post this.

The Good: Republic Wireless seems too good to be true. Republic uses a Voip phone system that

So pretty.

So pretty.

switches between WiFi calling and Sprint’s cell towers (I think that’s right. Read more on their website FAQs).  Basically, they switch between these two things so that their plans can be really really cheap. We were paying $140ish for two lines and 3GB of data on Verizon, and although they are an awesome company with great customer service, we decided to switch to Republic to save money. We got out phones in the mail yesterday and I decided to go with the wi-fi only plan for $10/month (plus tax). Luke opted for the unlimited 3G plan for $25/month (plus tax) because he doesn’t have access to wi-fi at work. We decided to pay the extra money for the Moto X. The phones are beautiful! I instantly loved the interface more than my Samsung Galaxy S4. I was a little sad at first that Republic didn’t have iPhones  and I couldn’t just bring my own phone over to save money, but I am over it! The call quality seems to be pretty consistent so far, but I have only made a few test calls since last night, so only time will tell.

The Bad: Luke’s phone didn’t work all the way. It turned on fine and made calls ok. But if I called him or he wanted to watch a video, the ringer/speaker did not work. It stinks, because we were so excited about getting new phones! BUT (another Good thing maybe), Motorola’s customer service was awesome. We are sending Luke’s phone back and he will get another one in a few days.

The Katy: I designed my phone with Motorola’s Moto Maker. I love that I could choose whatever options I wanted. Instead of ‘white’ or ‘black’, I had OPTIONS. It is a beautiful thing for someone who loves color! I can post an update after I spend some quality time with my new Moto X and Republic Wireless. I think we will be very happy together!


  • Cheap plans
  • NO contract
  • Cool phone (Moto X 2nd Gen for me)
  • Customer service SKILLS


G is for Graham

Today is the letter G! I wanted to give an update about my 2 year old son, Graham for today.

Squishy baby Graham (I had long hair then)

Squishy baby Graham (I had long hair then)

The Good: Graham is a sweet little boy who loves blankets, movies, and running around. He also has a flair for drama. I think he could be a big hit on stage someday…especially tragedy plays. He is the top expert(probably) of fake crying/tears. He can also eat 2-3 pieces of pizza in one sitting, which is more than I usually eat. I am terrified for my grocery budget in a few years. Or when he’s a teenager? ::HYPERVENTILATES:: Do they give small loans for grocery bills? Ok, calming down…

Fake crying master. Juice is not fooled.

Fake crying master. Juice is not fooled.

The Bad: Poor guy. He has ear infections ALL winter. He would go on a round of antibiotics and

then BAM another infection a few weeks later. I know there is some controversy about ear infections and taking antibiotics, but I honestly trust his Pediatrician. Either way, Graham went to visit an ear/nose/throat doctor and it was suggested that he get ear tubes. Fast forward to last week and the tubes are now in! The surgery took 15 minutes and recovery has been a breeze (so far). The doctor said there was no way he was hearing very well with all that stuff behind his ear drums. Hopefully, now Graham will be healthier and start speaking more actual words! Yay!

Graham post-op

Graham post-op

The Katy: Graham, as an infant you taught me that a person can survive on little sleep and now you are teaching me new things everyday. Thank you for being an amazing little guy!

Dr. Graham has his degree from a toy company. I'm sure it's legit.

Dr. Graham has his degree from a toy company. I’m sure it’s legit.