My kid is two. Whaaat?!

I know every parent goes through this, but I still am in shock. Or denial. 

Tristan is two. He was born July 8th, 2011 at 5:59PM. He weighed 6lbs 2oz. 

I decided to throw him a Mustache Bash for his 2nd birthday party! Complete with photobooth, mustache pins for the guests, and a mustache cake. It was amazing! I know he won’t remember it and the theme is actually more for me…but it was fun! He jumped into the kiddie pool fully clothed! 

I know next year I will be in denial again, but for now I will hold my baby…err…toddler tight for one more year. 

Love you, Tristan. And happy birthday. 

Love, Mama.

Baby T
This was when he was little…sob
Tristan had a great time at his 2nd birthday party!



Being sick is the worst. Especially in Summer, since I definitely don’t plan for having a Summer cold. So ugh. 

Plus, I am trying to plan everything for Tristan’s Birthday Party on Saturday. Definitely not the best timing! 

I can’t believe how fast time has gone. He was just a baby and now he will be two years old! AH! 

Since he is too young to even care that he gets a birthday party, I get to choose the theme. Last year I threw his a cardboard box party. It was so much fun! He had a blast crawling through the cardboard tunnel I created. 

This year the theme is a Mustache Bash! Mustache balloons, a photo booth with props, and even mustache games. I am probably more excited than I should be considering it isn’t my birthday! 

So, I am taking vitamin C, drinking plenty of water, and resting (when possible with these two crazy kids around) so that I can throw Tristan an amazing birthday party. 

I can’t wait!

Tristan, Age one

                                   Tristan, Age one

Tristan and Daddy

                                        Tristan, almost 2