Review: Catalyst by Casey L Bond

I am so behind on reviews. Can you believe we are almost done with January already? Amazing.

Anyways, I finished Catalyst by Casey L Bond in December and am finally getting around to posting a review. Since I helped spread the word about her new book yesterday with it’s beautiful cover reveal, I thought it fitting that I write a post about one of Casey’s other books today!

Synopsis: The city of Confidence is surrounded by a thick, concrete wall. These walls are built to protect those within and to keep dangers outside. What happens when the only danger to the citizens within is its leadership?

When a young man on a suicide mission meets a young woman with a terminal illness, both of them use one another as a means to their own ends. They never expect to become friends. They never expect to become so much more to each other. Their backgrounds and the secrets they uncover are more dangerous than any plans they could make together or separately.


I loved everything about this book. The Romeo and Juliet feel of forbidden romance, the secrets people keep, bucket lists, and finding joy in things you were told were bad. This dystopian tale truly weaves an amazing prequel for Casey L Bond’s series, The Harvest Saga. I actually forgot that I was reading a prequel for awhile, even though it connects beautifully to those books. The characters were engaging, lovable (or easy to hate, depending), and awesome. In this dystopian world, people outside of the walls are considered unequal to those inside. Some even keep the outsiders as pets or slaves. Casey weaves a believable world of inequality. Some fight for what is right, but will they win?

Read it. Also, read The Harvest Saga.


Frantic cover reveal by Casey L Bond

Title: Frantic

Author: Casey L Bond

Genre: YA Paranormal

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling

Model: Jacey


Expected Release Date: March 11th, 2016

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s




Porschia Grant is in Frenzy. The hunger is constant. It’s all-consuming, as is the pain and sickness. Something went wrong when she turned. Perhaps it was the fact that an infected bit her moments before, or maybe it’s something else entirely.
One thing is certain, if Porschia can’t learn to  feed, she will die. If she can’t learn to control her extreme emotional swings, she will kill someone.  And that would destroy her.
How long can the night-walkers keep her  turning a secret from the Colony? Will Saul stand beside her now that she’s changed? And what will happen when she re-enters the forest?


Frantic Teaser

Casey L Bond.jpg

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband

and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being

a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new

adult fiction.

You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links:


Facebook: Twitter:







I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and New Years! I took off of one of my jobs so that I could spend more time with my little family. It was awesome.

Now that I’m back to the grind, I thought I’d share some of my favorite books, posts, and other highlights from 2015!

This may get long…2015 was a great year!

Let’s get the longest category out of the way: BOOKS.

2015 Fave books

I’m not really sure if I had a completely #1 favorite book of 2015. There were so many to choose from that I could talk about for hours, so in no particular order here are my top ten! …They are pretty much all Sci-fi/dystopian lit!

  • Killshot by Aria Michaelsbookcover
    • Aria was my first author interview EVER. She wrote such an awesome book, I knew I needed to hear more about it. I’m so happy she agreed to answer a few questions!
    • Killshot is about a girl named Liv and how she goes from being a normal high school girl (with legit problems) to fighting for her life and the lives of those around her. Read more in my review.
    • Buy link
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
    • I’m sure this book is on everyone’s “best of 2015” lists, but I had to add it. It’s awesome! (See review) I added it to my “read yearly” list on Goodreads, which only has two other books on it right now. I received “Ready Player One” from a LootCrate! Best month ever!
    • Buy link (At time of post, the paperback was cheaper than the kindle edition!)
  • UPDATED EBOOK COVER WITH TAGLINESThe Treemakers by Christina L Rozelle
    • This one is classified as YA, but definitely has some scarier parts. I loved it. It was definitely dark, yet remained hopeful through all of the horribleness. Read my reviews and interview with Christina here.
    • Christina is a great author, but also a kind and generous person. She agreed to an interview and I look forward to getting to know her more over the years!
    • Buy link
  • Prep for Doom anthology by Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans
    • This anthology was unique because all the stories intertwined even though multiple authors wrote them! (I was lucky enough to be asked to join the Band of Dystopian team as an assistant in 2015 too. I love BOD!)
    • See my review here.
    • Buy link
  • Tails of the Apocalypse by various authorstsils
    • One of my favorite anthologies I’ve read by far! Not sure if it’s because it followed animals or what, but I loved each story in a different way. Review here.
    • Buy link
  • Anything written by Sarah Noffke in 2015
  • Between Life and Death series by Ann Christy
  • halfwaydeadHalfway Dead by Terry Maggert
    • A story about a witch. I’m usually not “into” witch books, but this one is awesome! It gave me an “Odd Thomas” vibe, which is one of my all time favorite books!
    • Read more HERE and see Terry’s interview here.
    • Buy link
  • Dark Bishop by Casey L Bond and Rachael Brownell
    • This is a suspense-type romance released as a serial series. It is NOT YA. But I love it. Check out Casey’s other books as well. She writes in all different genres and I loved each world she’s created.
    • Interview with Casey here.
    • Buy link
  • Sand by Hugh Howey
    • This one was SO good. I think I liked it even more than Wool. Hugh has a way with words. I felt like I was buried in the sand, in a good way…if that’s possible.
    • Buy link

AGH! That’s ten already? How about some honorable mentions? I really could go on and on. Last year was a great year for books and I cannot wait to read more in 2016!


Cover reveal! 1980: You Shook me all night long!

1980:  You Shook Me All Night Long

Author: Casey L. Bond

Cover Design by Mae I Design/ Regina Wamba

From: WaWa Productions

Release Date: 1/29/2016

Pre-order available now.



My name is Tina. I’m a freshman at USC, a good student and friend…

And I’m a victim.

Hot guys make my brain turn to mush. So, the fact that I was arrested then survived a massive earthquake only to be shackled to the fox next to me can all be overlooked, right?

Okay, so I was arrested before I met Luke. A tremor that caused a blackout at the LAPD precinct where we were being held. Although technically, I wasn’t shackled to him, I was handcuffed, but still. Any and all lapses in my usual—totally sane, I might add—judgments, are his fault. Totally.

I wouldn’t typically do the things I did. I’m no outlaw. I’m a college student.


1980: You Shook Me All Night Long is the first of ten contemporary romance, new adult, stand-alone stories set in the 1980s. Written by award-winning and bestselling authors, the novellas will be released each month January – October in 2016.

Shook Me All Night_Bond-ebooksm


Pre-order Link:

Price: $2.99, a portion of which will be donated to a charity (to be announced).


About the Collection—

Love in the 80s: A New Adult Mix

Before the internet…before sext messages, selfies, like buttons, and dick picks…epic loves and broken hearts played out offline, in small towns and big cities, on mixtapes that became the self-made soundtracks of a generation.

Love in the 80s: A New Adult Mix will be a collection of ten contemporary romance, new adult, stand-alone stories set in the 1980s. Each will be set in a different year spanning the decade from 1980-1989.

Written by award-winning and bestselling authors, one digital novella will be released on the last Friday of each month January – October in 2016 starting with 1980: You Shook Me All Night Long by Casey L. Bond to be released on Friday, January 29, 2016.

The title of each love story will be a hit song from the year that the novella represents. The totally awesome authors confirmed include: Casey L. Bond, Cambria Hebert, Amber Lynn Natusch, Misty Provencher, Rebecca Yarros, Rachel Higginson, RK Ryals, Cameo Renae and Chelsea Fine.

Award-winning book cover designer, Regina Wamba of Mae I Design & Photography has designed an iconic 80s cover image of a hand-written “mix tape” cassette that will brand each release in the series.

Love in the 80s: A New Adult Mix was created by UTOPiAcon founder, Janet Wallace, and is co-produced with Regina Wamba (together they are WaWa Productions).

Spray can. 3d illustration isolated on white background

About Award-winning Author Casey L. Bond—

I love fueling the fire of the imagination. I write books with impossible odds and steamy kisses, and won’t apologize for either. If you’d like to learn more, follow me here:




Twitter and Instagram: @authorcaseybond



Author Spotlight: Casey L. Bond

11929905_531134963700613_858319828_oPlease welcome Author Casey L Bond to THE KATY today for an author spotlight! Check out a few reviews of Casey’s various (awesome) books here and here.

Thank you for joining me, Casey!

What made you want to pursue writing as a career? Any books or people that inspired you to live your dream?

My mom was a huge influence. I told her I thought I’d love to write a book one day and she told me to do it. So, I did! LOL! In writing my first book, I fell in love with crafting stories and the rest is history. Now, I have more characters and stories in my head than I have time to write!

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I didn’t start out as an indie or self-published author. Winter Shadows was picked up by a small press and for a long time, I thought that was the only route available as far as publishing went. However, after I was published, I started looking for author events and book conferences and found UtopYA (now Utopia Con). The folks in their unofficial group became friends, mentors and told me all about self-publishing, so I decided to give it a try.

I loved it so much more than being with the publisher I was signed with, so I terminated my contract with them and published all of my books myself. That’s not to say that my work or someone else’s work wouldn’t fit well with small presses. The one I was with just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t a good fit.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

Yes. I began a pantser and now am sort of a hybrid. I plot to a point but try to remain flexible. I use the eight-point story arc to craft the basic spine of the plot and then let the characters get me from point to point! It works for me.

I’ve read The Harvest Saga, Sin, and Dark Bishop. I’m also looking forward to digging my claws into Catalyst soon. All are very different from each other (and I loved them all)! Do you prefer writing a certain genre over another or serial novels vs. a full novel series?

I really don’t have a preference. I love to read and read stories in all sorts of different genres so I knew starting out that I wouldn’t want to be beholden to one genre. Some stories are built for serials, but not all would work that way. Sin, Temptation and Dark Bishop fit perfectly into small episodes. I don’t think The Harvest Saga or my longer books would work as serials, so it just depends on what’s appropriate for the story itself.

Who would win in a fight? Jake Bishop or Shane Justice?

Okay, this made me laugh out loud. I’m gonna have to say Shane Justice (Sorry, Rach!). I want the good guy to win and Justice is a champion.

Are any of your characters YOU specifically or pieces of yourself?

I think there are tiny snippets of me in all of my female characters specifically. Abby’s stubbornness (The Harvest Saga), Shelby’s crazy (Crazy Love), Seven’s fight (Catalyst), Brooklyn’s sarcasm (Temptation), etc.

Any of the hotties in any of your series the favorite?

Absolutely. I obviously love Gray, Shustice and Mitis. My new fav is Colt from Temptation!

Any hints for future projects? 😀

I think I just gave it away. Temptation is in the hands of my very amazing editor and will be releasing soon! The e-covers for each episode are ready and the full wrap for the cover of the paperback is being designed this week! So, I’ll be able to share them very soon!

Do you have some wisdom to share with aspiring authors out there?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to grow and learn. Ask questions. Don’t stress out about daily word counts, etc. That’ll take the joy out of it. At the same time, don’t forget to get SOME words down each day or week if you can. Keep moving forward. Remember that putting yourself and your work out there is hard. Some people will love it. Some won’t. You can’t please everyone.

What has been your favorite experience as an author so far?

Interacting with readers, via events or social media. It is amazing to me that people take time out of their busy lives to read my books and I’m thrilled to hear what they think about them!

One amazing reader is actually getting a tattoo of a book with elements of her favorite series on them and she’s including an apple for The Harvest Saga! HOLY WOW! That made me one happy lady! EEEP!

Anything else you’d like to share with us today?

I’m all over social media, so feel free to friend me, follow or join my newsletter! I’d love to hang out with you!

Thank you so much for joining me on THE KATY today, Casey! I look forward to reading more of your novels in the future!

Thanks so much, Katy! You are awesome!

Find Casey L Bond on Social Media

Find author Casey L Bond on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and her website.

Review: The Harvest Saga by Casey L Bond

Oh how do I love The Harvest Saga? Let me count the ways! I actually decided to review each book of The Harvest Saga by Casey L Bond in one post to cut down on emails to subscribers and make it easier for people to find. This is the third series I’ve read by Casey, but the first that isn’t a serial series. Be sure to check out my other reviews of Casey’s books on Goodreads (here and here)!

REAP (The Harvest saga book #1)

Synopsis (via goodreads):

The remnants of the United reapStates of America have been divided. From five enormous, technologically-advanced cities, the Greaters rule over the Lessers.

In the Lesser village of Orchard, things are not as perfect as Abby Kelley thinks they are. When the apple harvest draws near and the Greaters’ engineered fruits become too much for one village to handle alone, reinforcements from neighboring villages are called upon.

Having to choose between her best friend, whom she has no romantic feelings for, and mysterious newcomer Crew, Abby finds herself in the middle of a harvest that she had no intention of becoming a part of. She becomes involved in a situation that threatens the strict rule of the Greaters, and just might give the Lessers hope for a better tomorrow. But, can she help the Lessers without losing Crew?


I finished this book in one day. I think I would’ve read it even faster if I didn’t have little people to take care of or work to do (darn responsibilities)! Casey really lets you immerse yourself in Abby’s story from page one. A tragic beginning and great upbringing make Abby a force to be reckoned with. And even though others make plans for her that she wants no part of, she doesn’t give up, which is a great quality. The easiest route isn’t usually the best. And…ok. She has many good looking guys who want a piece of her apple (get it? Orchard?), but she doesn’t let all the attention go to her head. She seems to know what/who she wants. Will fate keep her moving in his direction or does love have further plans? Great story, awesome cover design, and a storyline that made me glad I had all three books handy!
This book is free on Amazon (ebook version) as of this posting! Pick it up today and start reading, people!


Abby Kelley returns home from the Greater city of Olympus to find that things in Orchard Village are bad, very bad. The Olympian Guard has taken over village affairs. The Lessers are being worked to the bone in the coldest winter Orchard has seen. Villagers are being dragged away for the slightest indication of what they call “resistance.” She needs to keep her head down and her mouth shut. But, it’s so hard to do when everything within you screams rebellion.

Kyan is coming on strong, trying to convince her to take a chance on him. Shocking news of Crew’s activities in Olympus sweeps through the Villages. When Abby is taken away by the Olympian guard, Kyan sends word to Vesuvius for help. But, no one could have predicted their idea of help or what they might expect in return.

Who will be left to pick up the pieces of Abby’s heart?


Action packed. Twists and turns kept punching me in the face and I liked it. Abby’s rebellion continues in the second book of The Harvest Saga. When things take a turn for the worst, Abby knows that she must continue to fight for Orchard and the rest of Lesser’s freedom. The Greaters have definitely gone too far this time. The characters are beautifully carved from the author’s heart and I feel everything they feel. More drama with potential loves, but it doesn’t feel forced. You want everyone to end up with the person meant for them. Another beautiful cover design!

Buy Resist on Amazon!


The Greaters have ruled over the Lessers since The Fall. They’ve taken Abby’s family. They’ve taken her friends. They’ve taken her hostage and threatened the villages.

Enough is enough. Freedom is worth fighting for. Love is worth dying for.

And the Lessers are done taking orders from the Greaters.


What seemed to be the lesser evil at the time, Vesuvius makes it apparent that they are actually a far greater evil than Olympus could ever hope to be. Clad appropriately in red, the city shed far more blood than anyone in Orchard could imagine. It’s time to reclaim their world for the Lessers. In this thrilling end to the Harvest Saga, I found myself holding by breath in anticipation as I turned the pages. Prepare for tears, both happy and sad. A great ending to an amazing series! I hope our world never drops to such a horrible level as what the Greaters were capable of, but if it does I hope to hold a fraction of the bravery shown by Abby, her friends, and family.


Buy Reclaim on Amazon!

Find Author Casey L Bond on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and her website!


Catalyst by Casey L Bond release day!

By- Casey L. Bond
Genre- YA Dystopian
Publication Date- June 18th, 2015
The city of Confidence is surrounded by a thick, concrete wall. These walls are built to protect those within and to keep dangers outside. What happens when the only danger to the citizens within is its leadership?
When a young man on a suicide mission meets a young woman with a terminal illness, both of them use one another as a means to their own ends. They never expect to become friends. They never expect to become so much more to each other. Their backgrounds and the secrets they uncover are more dangerous than any plans they could make together or separately.  
Revolution begins with a spark.
Snag your copy now for just 99 Cents!! For a limited only!
(June 21st price raises to $2.99)

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Cover reveal! “Catalyst” by Author Casey L Bond

Catalyst Cover Reveal


By- Casey L. Bond

Genre- YA Dystopian

Expected Publication Date- June 3rd,



The city

of Confidence is surrounded by a thick, concrete wall. These walls are built to protect those

within and to keep dangers outside. What happens when the only danger to the citizens within is

its leadership?


When a young man on a suicide mission

meets a young woman with a terminal illness, both of them use one another as a means to their

own ends. They never expect to become friends. They never expect to become so much more

to each other. Their backgrounds and the secrets they uncover are more dangerous than any

plans they could make together or separately.

Revolution begins with a spark.



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