THE KATY’s 1st Book Convention (Great Lakes Book Bash)! GIVEAWAY

I’m posting this later than I wanted to (I wanted to have a post about the GLBB last
week), but I am happy to say that I extremely enjoyed my first book conference! Luke and I arrived in Kalamazoo, MI around 5PM on October 10th after a four hour drive from our little piece of Wisconsin. We probably would’ve arrived a little sooner, but I had unknowingly checked the “avoid tollways” box on the GPS. Once we discovered WHY we were taking forever on getting out of Illinois and I perused the GPS settings…our trip went a lot faster. (Unchecking that little box save TWO HOURS of driving time…yikes)

When we arrived and checked into the hotel, I immediately  dropped Luke off in the the room and zoomed downstairs. Some fellow bloggers greeted me and signed me into the convention. These bloggers were just so welcoming and fun. I’ve never actually met other bloggers in person before!

{INSERT TACKLE HUG HERE} Then I was privileged to meet Author Casey L Bond in person. We had chatted online and I love her books, but it was quite the experience to meet her! She is such a Southern sweetie.

Rachel Brownell and Casey Bond put on quite the convention! It was awesome to see so many wonderful authors sharing the space with tables covered in books. I will admit I was a little shy and starstruck at first! After I got over my nerves a little, I introduced myself, handed out some business cards, and talked about books! Sigh. It was awesome.

The panels I attended were very informative and fun! I have pages of notes I still need to go through that will definitely help on my journey towards becoming a better blogger (and hopefully author)!

The party was great too! By this time, Luke and I were pretty tired, but it was fun to mingle and have a drink before going up to our room to watch Gotham and eat pizza KID-FREE.

I cannot wait until the next Great Lakes Book Bash in 2017! Miss you all.


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Zombie Hoard Attacks 42 Lounge or Halloween 2014

Halloween was amazing. My cousins (Nicole and Natalie) and I went to Milwaukee’s 42 Lounge, a geek club. We got ready at my apartment beforehand, which was fun too! Before they arrived (they live in Illinois) I started the process. I created a leg gash a few weeks before that I applied again to myself. I am so thankful that I saved the leg gash. It took me two hours to create, apply, and enhance with makeup the first time so I was able to save a lot of time this go around. After that, I applied my face piece I created a few weeks ago as well. I learned from my previous mistake of adding too much extra “flesh” around my mouth when I practiced applying the mouth gash the week before Halloween. It was too hard to talk, eat, and drink with that much face covered and it looked less real. As I was applying blood to my wounds, my cousins arrived already partially zombified. Nicole was a hippy zombie” complete with bell bottoms adorned with butterflies. Natalie was a business woman zombie with a ripped suit. We were an awesome hoard of zombies. They set to work bloodifying themselves with my arsenal of makeup and I applied a ghastly hand wound to each of us with liquid latex and kleenex. I should have taken “before” and “after” photos, but we really wanted to get to the club ASAP. This was my first halloween out since I had kids! I wanted as many hours among actual adults. I completed my costume with ripped jeans, moccasins, a ripped and burned plaid shirt, hipster glasses, and a t-shirt that read “I Liked Brains Before they Were Cool.” In retrospect I should’ve made the text a LOT bigger so people wouldn’t have to squint at my chest to read my shirt, but it is still a cool shirt. It was too dark to take photo at 42 lounge, but we saw some awesome geek costumes including several characters from “Adventure Time”, some steampunk people like a steampunk Scout Trooper complete with working switches and lever, and many other geek eye candy. I got many compliments for my makeup, which felt awesome. Someone even asked if we were going to start attacking people because we were so obviously infected. My friend Caitlin and her boyfriend, Eric joined us as pirates. (See us attacking her in one of the photos) We had a great time, even when the DJ switched from dance music to the theme song from Tetris. Oddest mix of all time.

Happy Halloween!