Back-burner or Burn out

12032691_10204580704989832_8054164986083898236_oI have this problem where I can’t say no. I seem to love piling more things on my plate when it seems like there is no way I can fit one more thing. I still find a way to make it work, even if it feels like I’m going to burn out sometime soon.  Anyone else have this problem? I read an article recently where a successful business woman said she started feeling empowered and happy when she learned to say “no.”

Unfortunately, I am not at that point in my life. I’m still figuring this whole “life” thing out .  As a 27 year old woman (who still thinks of herself as a kid sometimes), mom of two toddlers with special needs, a wife to a very patient and understanding husband, 12006462_10204526064343850_2764033057492316414_oaspiring author, full time career woman/part time job woman soon, plus a plethora of other activities, I don’t have enough hours in the day to breathe.
Someday, I will wake up and say “You know what? NO.” And probably smile and go back to sleep. But for now, this is what needs to happen for my family’s survival. Some of the more “fun” activities do need to be pushed back. There’s no time to write every night anymore. But bills will be paid. And my kids will be fed. Sometimes that’s all you can ask for!
 However, I don’t want to burn out. If I burn out, how can I work to provide for my family? I do need to say “no” to a few things I would maybe rather be spending my extra minutes on.
Maybe I won’t finish my novel this year. Gray’s Shadow will sit sadly on the back-burner of my to-do list until things calm down again or at least have a free five minutes that belongs only to me.
But my kids are happy. There’s no way I’m putting that priority on the back-burner.
(Oh and for those confused by the header of image, my dog’s name is Juice) 😀

All the things

I have this problem. Ok, it’s not really a problem…not a serious one at least. I’ve had this quirk for a LONG time–maybe since high school. Tuesdays are a good day for confessions, right?

Ok here I go.

I want to do ALL THE THINGS.

Whew. That feels good to get off my chest!

What I mean is that even when I have a lot going on, I have this urge to add more things to my plate. I like juggling, but I’m not particularly good at it.

In high school, I was an honor roll student while also participating in show choir, musicals, band, regular choir, part-time job, driver’s ed, and anything else I could get my busy little hands on.

Now, I am a mother, wife, friend, full-time event/production coordinator for a non-profit, aspiring author, blogger, social media enthusiast, reader/reviewer, and I have recently decided to do more things.

Sometimes I succeed for a little while in keeping everything spinning happily and other times I fail miserably.

But I realized something. I need to be busy, because that’s what makes me happy. Even if it doesn’t always work out or turn out to be the right thing for me. I thrive on busy. I dine on stress and filled calendars for dinner. I love it.

So, I think I’ll continue doing all the things while still being an awesome mom to two crazy kids and a wife to man who loves me, even though I want to do all the things. And he encourages me to follow my dreams.11707829_10204136065194115_433938332823930811_o

So next time I venture into a new thing to test the limits of my juggling, I’ll give it a whirl. Who knows? Maybe I’ll love it. If not, I’ll trying something else. Life’s great like that.

What things do you juggle? Just go for it!


when life trips you

Have you ever lost sight of what is truly important? Life speeds by at 100 MPH and it’s hard to take a moment and put one foot on the brake. And just. slow. down. And breathe.

Once in awhile, life trips you and forces you to slow down a little, even if you fall flat on your face. Maybe you lost your job. A family member is sick. A door closes.

So you stop. Maybe tears of pain or sadness fall to the ground as you mourn the way life used to be. You’ve skinned your knee when life tripped you.

But then you notice something on the side of the road. A beautiful flower you would’ve missed if you had kept running at full speed. Your kids playing, growing up. How did they get so old already and I didn’t notice? You smile. And get up. Brush off the dirt. Because life is worth living.