The death of someone I don’t know

This week has been tough. Not for any personal reasons (unlike last week when my car battery died, my phone fell in some water, and I hit a deer).

Two great men died this week. I didn’t know them personally,
but they still affected my life.

David Bowie and Alan Rickman were part of my childhood growing up. Now, as an adult I can appreciate them even more for their talent and what they gave the world.

Each of them gave us a piece of themselves that in turn changed our lives.

Whether it was hearing David Bowie’s music and knowing that just because someone is a little different, it doesn’t make them less than others. Being different is awesome!
His music inspired generations up until his death this week and will continue until the end of time.

Alan Rickman played roles that included villains, wizards, and more. He inspired those around him to be better or even just to believe that magic was real for a little while.

These moments they created for us who never met them are powerful.

We are changed for the better.

Even if we never met, I love you.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman and David Bowie. You gave the world such gifts.



(David Bowie called this version of “Space Oddity” the “most poignant version of the song ever created.” )


Today is my opening post for the Band of Dystopian’s Annual Zombie Blog Crawl! Basically, everyday from October 22nd-October 31st a different blogger or bloggers will have awesome new zombie related content to share along with awesome giveaways! See below for more information. I also have an AMAZING giveaway to share, so you’ll definitely want to check it out! Today is my day and I am so excited to be a part of BOD’s Zombie Crawl this year.

Onto the Zombie-ness:

I love zombies. But…I honestly can’t watch The Walking Dead. What I watched of it (cough…maybe four episodes…cough) was great, but my poor little heart can’t take how serious and horrible everything. is Yes, I know that it’s going to be horrible because ZOMBIES…but I still can’t. So, I am a BIG fan of ZomComs (Zombie Comedies)! I’ll post of few of my fave below, but be sure to comment if you have anymore that I didn’t mention. I would love to see more! I’ll add, that I also love reading zombie books. For some reason, I can handle those!

    1. The classic movie, Sean of the Dead. I’m sure you’ve seen this movie by now, but I make sure to watch it a few times per year to relive the awesomeness. “You’ve got red on you!”
    2. Fido. Not as many people (that I’ve talked to) have seen this one. It’s great! Basically, people keep zombies as servants, but one woman falls in love with theirs. Hilarity ensues.
    3. Watch this short, called “Steadfast Stanley.” Ok, it’s not really really funny, but it is sweet and endearing!

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim on Vimeo.

  1. Zombieland. It’s been awhile. I need to watch this one again! I am not a huge fan of twinkies, but I can respect a man’s search for a sugary treat at the end of the world!
  2. Warm Bodies. May I say this movie is heartwarming or is that too much? A fun twist on Romeo and Juliet makes this zombie movie a Zom-Rom-Com (Zombie Romantic Comedy). I also read the book (ok, listened to the audiobook). I actually like the movie version better! That is RARE.

I hope you enjoyed my little list of Zombie movies! Please check out my giveaway, which is going to be EPIC. Many wonderful author interviews this week as well (many of them donated items for the giveaway!) so stay tuned!


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A few prize photos!

Print from

Print from “The Mortuary Arts” by Author John Hancock.
*Weimaraner not included.

“Skull-ombie” drawing by Artist Jenna Weaver of Fine Line Art

z crawl schedule

Zombie Crawl 2 – Blog Party

October 22 – 31, 2015

by Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans

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The Schedule:

OCTOBER 22 – Thursday

Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans (Party & Grand Prize Host)

Jo Michaels Blog (author)

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OCTOBER 23 – Friday

Claire C. Riley (author)

2 Girls & A Book (blog)

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OCTOBER 24 – Saturday

Kathy Dinisi (author)

Us Girls & A Book (blog)

The Voluptuous Book Diva (blog 18+)

OCTOBER 25 – Sunday

Casey L. Bond (author)

THE KATY blog (blog)

OCTOBER 26 – Monday

Saul Tanpepper (author)

Warren Fielding (author)

The Leighgendarium (blog)

OCTOBER 27 – Tuesday

Kody Boye (author)

Rhiannon Frater (author)

ER Arroyo (author)

OCTOBER 28 – Wednesday

Allen Gamboa (author)

Armand Rosamilia (author)

Ethan @ One Guy’s Guide to Good Reads (blog)

OCTOBER 29 – Thursday

Kate L. Mary (author)

aftershockzombieseries (author)

Eli Constant (author)

OCTOBER 30 – Friday

Aria Michaels (author)

Brian Parker (author)

Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps (blog)

OCTOBER 31 – Saturday

Cindy Carroll (author)

M. R. Pritchard (author)

Toni L.H. Boughton (author)

Digital Dirty Girl (blog)

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Saw Jurassic World Premiere…must write! (NO SPOILERS, DON’T WORRY)

Wow. Just wow. When I began seeing posts about how CGI is ruining movies and such, I was a little worried about seeing Jurassic World. Would it live up to the first one? Would the storyline be epic or just a bunch of explosions and CGI effects? Then I took a step back from those opinions and smiled. When I go to movie, I just go to enjoy them and that’s what Luke and I did. We went to the premiere for Jurassic World at a theater near us last night and sat down. And enjoyed it. Actually, that’s an understatement. Jurassic World blew our socks off!

1. Effects. I thought the CGI was amazing. We didn’t see it in IMAX 3D (yet) or anything, but I definitely think they did a great job creating a realistic effect to the dinosaurs. We did see the movie in High def 4K (I assume that’s good, I know nothing about screens). Of course, it would’ve been really cool to see them use some animatronics. That worked for the first movie, so imagine what that could’ve looked like NOW so many years later!

2. Acting. I saw a post complaining about the lack of women in Jurassic World. While the person they are talking about in the article is definitely dumb for saying that Jurassic World passes the Bechdel test because “the raptors are female”, women still get some kick ass parts in the new movie.

The kids were not annoying. Definitely a PLUS over the first movie. The kids in Jurassic Park are so annoying, I almost want them to get eaten by dinosaurs (harsh…sorry). The kids in Jurassic World are easier to connect to (in my opinion. Maybe they will annoy you? But I liked them!).

3. Chris Pratt. Need I say more? Sigh.

Conclusion: Go see it. It was amazing! Luke and I are already trying to find time to get to the IMAX to see Jurassic World in 3D.

Read my other post on Jurassic Park sorta stuff here.

Z is for Zombie

Wow. April is over? This is the last day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge! It has been a crazy ride, but I think I have grown as a blogger, writer, and reader. I found some new blogs to read and some others have found me as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts this month. We finish up by talking about Zombies for the letter ‘Z’.

The Good: What can be good about zombies, Katy? Well, they aren’t REAL for one. Also, without zombies we wouldn’t have some awesome shows and books. I’ve listed a few of my favorite series/movies below.

Ann Christy’s Between Life and Death Series: Link to my review of the first two books, here and here. I can’t wait to read the third book, which comes out in a month! Ann just updated her covers and they are GORGEOUS. As I have mentioned in several of my reviews, I usually do not like when books show me what the main character looks like. I like to imagine them for myself. But these covers are awesome. I do not mind seeing her at all.

I really enjoy Zom-Coms (not sure if that is an actual term for Zombie Comedies, but it is now). Something so entirely serious about the end of the world, combined with laughable moments, makes an amazing movie. Love them so much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bad: Can you think of a worse way to go? Not only do you get either bitten by someone you used to love or torn to shreds by a disgusting, moaning mob….you have to come back and eat other people. Not my favorite ending if I got to choose.

The Katy: I was a zombie for last Halloween. It was awesome. Not just a zombie, but a Hipster Zombie. “I liked brains before they were cool” people. Zombie make up is fun to do! : )

That’s it for April. I have a lot of book reviews to catch up on, which will be featured right here next week! Happy end of April, everyone!

H is for Hobbit

Today is the letter ‘H’ in the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge! View more blogs here!

I decided to throw some Geek love out there and give a shout out to the littlest people in Middle Earth. Hobbits.



The Good: Hobbits are (mostly) kind hearted people whose lives celebrate the simple things. Food. Gardening. Smoking a pipe and blowing smoke rings. Parties. It seems like the perfect way to live! In fact, Hobbits eat many meals per day and still stay small! Ok, fairly round, but small. I know that if I ate that many large meals everyday than very soon I would be 300 lbs. I don’t see any Hobbits exercising either. I understand, Hobbits! However, certain families of Hobbits have a sense of adventure

Home Sweet Home after an epic journey

Home Sweet Home after an epic journey

tucked under their golden pocket watch chains that dangle from custom vest pockets. These Hobbits save the world over and over again and it’s amazing and awesome to hear about. Plus they live in adorable Hobbit holes. I want one. Maybe with a little higher ceilings so Luke doesn’t hit his head all of the time.

(Photo from FireAntTees shop on Etsy. I haven’t personally bought anything from her, but her stuff looks great!)


What taters, precious?

The Bad: Some Hobbits get greedy and turn into this! Yuck. Golem is nasty and evil, yet you can’t help but pity him. He does have persistence to meet his goals…so that’s good, right? Gross. (Photo from Wikipedia)

The Katy: I love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Yes, they are just walking for FOREVER. But there are epic battles, new friendships, and amazing adventures. I need to try to reread the books. Tolkein was a genius, but his books are hard for me to read. The writing style is like an entire 3 course meal that takes me forever to digest. I’ll get to it! But there are a lot of books on my TBR list that I need to check off before I return to Middle Earth. In the meantime, I can enjoy the movies. Being a LOTR/Hobbit fan is also an awesome way to bond with my mom, who also loves those things! We got to see the most recent Hobbit films in theaters together for some mom/daughter bonding. 🙂

Mmm…now if you’ll excuse me, I need to start prepping for second-breakfast and elevensies.