G is for Graham

Today is the letter G! I wanted to give an update about my 2 year old son, Graham for today.

Squishy baby Graham (I had long hair then)

Squishy baby Graham (I had long hair then)

The Good: Graham is a sweet little boy who loves blankets, movies, and running around. He also has a flair for drama. I think he could be a big hit on stage someday…especially tragedy plays. He is the top expert(probably) of fake crying/tears. He can also eat 2-3 pieces of pizza in one sitting, which is more than I usually eat. I am terrified for my grocery budget in a few years. Or when he’s a teenager? ::HYPERVENTILATES:: Do they give small loans for grocery bills? Ok, calming down…

Fake crying master. Juice is not fooled.

Fake crying master. Juice is not fooled.

The Bad: Poor guy. He has ear infections ALL winter. He would go on a round of antibiotics and

then BAM another infection a few weeks later. I know there is some controversy about ear infections and taking antibiotics, but I honestly trust his Pediatrician. Either way, Graham went to visit an ear/nose/throat doctor and it was suggested that he get ear tubes. Fast forward to last week and the tubes are now in! The surgery took 15 minutes and recovery has been a breeze (so far). The doctor said there was no way he was hearing very well with all that stuff behind his ear drums. Hopefully, now Graham will be healthier and start speaking more actual words! Yay!

Graham post-op

Graham post-op

The Katy: Graham, as an infant you taught me that a person can survive on little sleep and now you are teaching me new things everyday. Thank you for being an amazing little guy!

Dr. Graham has his degree from a toy company. I'm sure it's legit.

Dr. Graham has his degree from a toy company. I’m sure it’s legit.

My kid is two. Whaaat?!

I know every parent goes through this, but I still am in shock. Or denial. 

Tristan is two. He was born July 8th, 2011 at 5:59PM. He weighed 6lbs 2oz. 

I decided to throw him a Mustache Bash for his 2nd birthday party! Complete with photobooth, mustache pins for the guests, and a mustache cake. It was amazing! I know he won’t remember it and the theme is actually more for me…but it was fun! He jumped into the kiddie pool fully clothed! 

I know next year I will be in denial again, but for now I will hold my baby…err…toddler tight for one more year. 

Love you, Tristan. And happy birthday. 

Love, Mama.

Baby T
This was when he was little…sob
Tristan had a great time at his 2nd birthday party!


Hold Still!

Tristan used to let me take pictures of him. In fact, he would have a huge grin on his face whenever he saw my phone (default camera) come out of my pocket. It was easy to take awesome pictures of him!

Now, not so much. He’s a toddler and therefore always moving. He doesn’t have time for paparazzi! Actually, one day I told him that I was going to take his picture and he started crying. Yeesh.

BUT yesterday I got him! We were playing a new game where I take him blanket, say 1-2-3, and then cover him with it. In the few seconds it takes for him to kick off the blanket I can grab my phone and snap a few of him before he wants to play 1-2-3 all over again. I win this round.

Sure, they are a little blurry, but I’ll take what I can get! Love you, Tristan!


Finally got some smiles!