Review: Halfway Bitten by Terry Maggert

Synopsis: The circus came to Halfway, and they brought the weird.

When clowns, vampires, and corpses start piling up in town, Carlie has to break away from her boyfriend, Wulfric, to bring her witchy skills to the table- or grill, as the case may be.
When the body of a young woman washes up in the lake, it unleashes a spiral of mystery that will bring Carlie, Gran, and Wulfric into a storm of magical warfare. Spells will fly. Curses will rain. Amidst it all, Carlie will make waffles, protect her town, and find out if a man from the distant past can join her in happy ever after.
With love and honor at stake, Carlie has no peer.

25622365Review: Joining Carlie on her adventures is one of the most fun things I have done with my time this year. Witches, mystery, intrigue, ghosts, and vampires (and not the sparkly type that turned me off of them for awhile). And waffles. I really want to visit Carlie and have waffles.

Carlie receives a terrifying message through the mail slot in her door. Knowing all she can do is wait for something bad to happen, she hangs onto all she holds dear as more pieces fall into place.

There were SO many things in this book. But Terry makes it work beautifully. I can definitely see why Halfway is such a tourist spot, even if mortals don’t usually know what lurks in the shadows.

An awesome cast of characters. Beautiful cover. Visit Halfway today!

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Author interview with C.L. Hernandez!

Please welcome Author Cindy Lou Hernandez to THE KATY today!

1508391_10201596244481167_188250944_nC. L. Hernandez is the author of the series The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs (Winlock Press), and the novel The Curious Case of the Tuscan Plague Doctor (Barking Rain Press) which will be released in 2016. She also writes the self-published series Horror Story Six-Packs (Cobwebs, vol. 1, and A Half-Dozen Horrors, vol. 2) She has stories featured in the anthologies Happy Little Horrors: Freakshow, Dead Harvest: A Collection of Dark Tales, and Deathmongers: Where the Light Dies. She lives in California’s Central Valley, and her life is a constant work in progress.

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How did decide to become an author? Any books, movie, or people that inspired you to pursue your dream?

I decided to become an author after I became disabled and was no longer able to work at a “real job.” I suddenly had all this time on my hands, and since I’d already been writing for years as a hobby, I figured I’d give it a shot. As for being inspired, I’ll give credit to the people who told me I’d never make it. I hate it when someone tells me “You can’t,” or “You’ll never,” or “You shouldn’t.”


Tell us about Winlock Press. How did you get signed by them?

Winlock Press is awesome! Monique Happy (manager) goes out of her way to make her authors feel comfortable, valued, and important. She does an amazing job. I got signed when I submitted the first book in The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs series.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a little of both, I guess. Sometimes I’ll write out a complicated outline with plots and sub-plots, then wind up tossing it aside and just letting the characters do what they want.


What draws you to writingabout witches as in “The Complicated Life of DeEGie Tibbs” series?

Witches have always fascinated me, and since I’ve studied Earth magic, gem and mineral magic, and magical herbalism, writing about witches just comes naturally to me. I like the versatility of the fictional witch character. You can give them just about any power, have them perform the most outlandish spells, and it’s okay, because—hey, they’re witches!

If you could use magic to change one thing, what would it be?

I would magically reprogram the minds of all humans so that they would focus on healing and renewing our broken planet rather than continuing to destroy it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Are there any genres of literature or movies that you won’t read or watch? What’s your favorite genre to read/watch?

I can’t stand romance novels/movies! Those novels with the flowy-haired woman and the bare-chested hero on the cover? Barf. I guess it’s because I’ve never been much of a girly-girl. I’d rather have my books and movies full of guts and blood and horrifying creatures. My favorite genre is horror fiction, but I also enjoy mystery and crime novels and documentaries on history and nature.

Do any of your characters represent you as a whole or someone you know? Or are they qualities you admire in others?

There is a little bit of me in almost every leading character I create, particularly Deegie Tibbs. Deegie doesn’t really fit in, but she doesn’t really care, either. She has a disability that makes her unique, and she’s a bit misunderstood. That’s me in a nutshell. If I need a villainous character, I just think of one of my ex-husbands. (laughs)

Do you have an advice for aspiring writers?

Develop your own voice; don’t try to emulate another author, because eventually someone WILL notice. I’ve seen this happen a couple of times. Be honest. Don’t get involved in social media drama. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t be insulted when someone points out your flaws. Read every day. And never give up. Never.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I’ve started working on a new novel called Zuri. It’s a werewolf novel—with a twist. (sorry, no spoilers) I’m also working on another of my short horror story six-packs, which I self-publish. This one will have a zombie theme, also with a twist. (I like twists) I will be participating in Blood Moon Rising 2, which is an online event that promises to be tons of horrific fun, and I have another novel coming out in January 2016 with another publisher. This one’s about a ghostly plague doctor who torments a lovely young antiques dealer.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for the interview!

Thank you for joining me on THE KATY today, Cindy!

You’re welcome!

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Review: Halfway Dead by Terry Maggert

“Come for the waffles. Stay for the magic.”

synopsis: halfwaydead

Carlie McEwan loves many things.
She loves being a witch. She loves her town of Halfway, NY—a tourist destination nestled on the shores of an Adirondack lake. Carlie loves her enormous familiar, Gus, who is twenty-five pounds of judgmental Maine Coon cat, and she positively worships her Grandmother, a witch of incredible power and wisdom. Carlie spends her days cooking at the finest—and only—real diner in town, and her life is a balance between magic and the mundane, just as she likes it.
When a blonde stranger sits at the diner counter and calls her by name, that balance is gone. Major Pickford asks Carlie to lead him into the deepest shadows of the forest to find a mythical circle of chestnut trees, thought lost to forever to mankind. There are ghosts in the forest, and one of them cries out to Carlie across the years. Come find me.
Danger, like the shadowed pools of the forest, can run deep. The danger is real, but Carlie’s magic is born of a pure spirit. With the help of Gus, and Gran, and a rugged cop who really does want to save the world, she’ll fight to bring a ghost home, and deliver justice to a murderer who hides in the cool, mysterious green of a forest gone mad with magic.


I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars for characters, interesting plot lines, cover design, memorable lines, and for Terry writing such a memorable and amazing story!

Carlie is a white witch. And even though I know absolutely nothing about witchcraft, I found myself enthralled by the descriptions of how her magic was a piece of herself. She didn’t come off as entitled or uppity because she had power, but instead loved being a down-to-earth cook at the local diner. She really reminded me of Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas,” which is one of my favorite books of all time.

The story was enthralling and drew me in immediately. If I didn’t have a job, husband, or kids, I would’ve read the story straight through! Curse you, responsibilities!

Memorable lines were placed naturally throughout the book. I won’t spoil any that relate to direct plot points, but these are a few of my favorites:

“Even sitting, he towered over me, but not in threatening way, unless you consider good customer service to be a menace to your person. I did not, so I smiled.”

“when my hair gets crazy, it becomes an alien life form that can threaten cities.”

Carlie is full of great lines and passion for her craft. Imagery of the moon and scenery puts the reader directly into the story.

SO, to sum up, if you like waffles, magic, evil, the moon, love, deceit, and just an all-around great read, pick up “Halfway Dead” by Terry Maggert!

Stay tuned. Next week, I’ll be interviewing Terry about his writing!

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